Sleep Consultant

When I came across Kylie and her team over at The Kind Parenting Company, I just knew I had to pass on her information to the mums who visit my site about her sleep consultant methods, her words encompass my own parenting belifes and I truly feel Kylie and her methods can help you and your family. Please read below about The Kind Parenting Company and visit their site for some amzing testimonials and more information on their programs.



“The Kind Parenting Company specialises in evidence based parenting methods with a kind approach. We believe in protecting the emotional wellness of babies, children and parents. We provide safe, practical and effective techniques and support through innovative online programs. Our programs are thoughtfully created to assist families in improving both sleep and behaviour for babies and toddlers.

Our online sleep and toddler programs now include audio files for ease of listening on the go, as well as access to our online support groups and unlimited access to video tutorials for our sleep programs.

Our mission is to make your parenting journey more enjoyable, it is a wild ride raising little humans and we totally understand. At times you can feel incredibly lost and overwhelmed, but with the KPC methods you will feel like you are back in the driver’s seat. You can restore calmness to your household, we want you to feel happier!”

Sleep Coach

“I’m Kylie Camps, the mum and co owner behind The Kind Parenting Company. I helped develop this fully comprehensive online course to help mums, dads, carers and babies everywhere to sleep well, easily and consistently. Before having twin boys I had NO idea what parenting was really like. I thought I was super prepared – nursery, pram, clothes and delivery were all covered. Little did I know the reality of two babies who rarely slept would be enough to break a person. I struggled, WE all struggled and truthfully I believe so many of our dark days could have been avoided IF we had access to a program like this earlier.

Helping families is my passion, I studied, volunteered, obtained my certification and began building my sleep consultancy business. I believe The KPC program is life changing, it is extensive and detailed. It is NOT an extreme sleep training program based on the cry it out approach. It is realistic, nurture based and focused on your baby’s needs just as much as your own.

These exact methods saved us, we were slipping into a dark place but we turned it around and now, I’ve had the pleasure of working with mothers all around the world. Witnessing their journeys from not coping at all to thriving and loving motherhood is so special. The KPC program Is just like having me in your home, except you can keep referring back to the course whenever you like.

Don’t waste another day feeling helpless or anxious. Don’t let sleep deprivation define you as a mother – take the time to give your baby one of the best gifts you can, the skill of good sleep.

We have been operating as a sleep consultancy business for years now and after several years of connecting and helping families, we took the next organic step into assisting families in the next phase of parenting. Toddlerhood!

We had hundreds of families asking for our opinion and philosophies surrounding the toddler years. We realised as families transitioned away from infancy and into

The toddler hears, there was a need for parents to feel supported, informed and proactive in their parenting approach. This lead us to delve deep into the world of behaviour, cognitive development and how to best navigate through the common concerns of these testing years. Toddler life is a program for all parents who want a kinder approach, a deeper understanding and information on evidenced based techniques to assist their toddler, and themselves.

Toddler life is our largest program, not only will you find information surrounding behaviour and common concerns, you also have a full sleep component! That’s right, toddler life includes sleep tips, tricks, routines, settling and gradual approaches to assist your toddler into sleeping well and happily. Our team is here to help!”

The Kind Parenting Company