Sleep Coach

Sleep Coach

“Hi My Name is Lisa Cheetham, and I have a Mum based community called Start Thriving and am a trained sleep coach

I am passionate about supporting Mums through the first 2 years of parenthood, especially in the area of sleep, self-love and health & wellbeing.

Sleep deprivation seems to be brushed off in our culture like it’s just part of parenthood. And yeah, it is for a while, but prolonged sleep deprivation is NEVER something that should be treated as ‘no big deal’.

The hormone imbalance from lack of sleep can cause major disturbances in your life, including but not limited to: stress, illness, relationship breakdowns, poor communication, anxiety, memory loss, poor attention or concentration, depression and PND. It also takes you away from the present moment and starts impulsive, subconscious decisions that may not have your best interests at heart. You simply can’t help it!

Making a conscious decision out of love requires you to be at a Thriving level in your own health and well-being and sufficient sleep is extremely important in that!

The pressure we face as Mums to do it all: breastfeeding, sleeping, healthy food, housework, working, studying, being a loving partner! You name it we are expected to do it and the majority of time on our own. All while blogs circulating that if you do this you will damage your child! Exhausting right?

As a Mum of 2, I completely relate to the challenges becoming a Mum confronts you with.  To be this super mum above and you totally think you can. But the truth is you can’t do it all by yourself, we weren’t designed that way. This is something I learnt the hard way. I don’t that for you!

I sat in my sleep deprived world for a good long while because I was told that was normal! But in that world, I felt lonely, lost and like I was on some sort of survival mode. And honestly, it took me to some pretty dark places.

But in my gut, I knew that was not normal. I knew there was more to motherhood than just accepting your sleepless fate and waiting for it to ‘hopefully’ come good.

How did I do it? By understanding baby sleep and communication and then mastering my Mummy Mindset! Simple as that!

In 4 years, I have been on an incredible self-development journey, becoming a certified sleep coach, studying a degree in psychology and counselling, multi-cultural baby communication research, learning from the epic parenting fails but my absolute favourite is touching the lives of so many families. was created out of my passion for Mums to feel like the amazing Mum they already are, make

sometimes difficult but conscious choices that will help them grow so much and get some much-needed sleep!

My ‘Start Thriving Community‘ FB page is where I share all of my knowledge, tips, epic fails and valuable lessons, so you too can Stop Surviving and Start Thriving”

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