Detox tea – Is it time?

We all need a kick start to work towards having a clean and healthy lifestyle. Mummy tea detox time tea can help you on the path.

There’s way more to detoxing than just drinking herbal tea, however it’s a great way to start, and is definitely beneficial to the detox process. However, detoxification can only happen when you take the burden off your body by eating a clean diet by taking a break from coffee, alcohol, meat, dairy and processed foods, and then increasing your vegetables.

Herbal teas are a fantastic way to increase your water intake, while benefitting from their medicinal properties. Mummy tea, Detox time has many benefits due to the amazing herbs used. You should Aim to drink detox tea between meals, as consuming large amounts of fluid while eating can dilute your digestive juices and it will also stop you from having sugar cravings in between meals. It’s also best to drink it hot to get the most from the essential oils contained within them.

One of the ingredients in Mummy tea detox time is Dandelion root. Dandelion is amazing for the liver. It helps regulate the appetite and is great for digestion, as it stimulates the production of bile. It is mineral-rich and full of Vitamin C and Dandelion tea is great if you’ve been drinking one to many.

Another Fab ingredient is Rooibos, Rooibos tea has anti-ageing properties is caffeine-free and high in mineral content, it can help ease nerves and give you a good night’s sleep. Sleep and relaxation is essential when you’re detoxing as your body does the majority of repair work while you rest.

Most of us have never in our life taken 1 month to put nothing in our bodies but yummy whole clean food. Just 1 month! Give it a go, you never know, you just might love how you feel.

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NOTE: This blog is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner. All information contained in this blog is the opinion of mummy tea and is not to be interpreted as medical advice. Consult your prenatal care provider to discuss using any herbal products during your pregnancy.