Hi my name is Bec Kennedy, I love drinking tea and I really love being a mum! Blend those together and ‘Voila”  Mummy tea was created.

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia where drinking coffee is most peoples past time, however i am not a coffee lover, never have been and probably never will be so my journey drinking tea has been long and I am seeing many more of my friends now enjoying tea as well.

Most days you will find me sipping on herbal tea but I do love an english breakfast tea on the weekend when I’m chilling out and can sit and enjoy while reading a newspaper (yep actual printed newspaper!)

I love that amongst my amazing, noisy, chaotic days where there are laughs, tears, tantrums and cuddles with my two daughters and husband Brad, a cup of tea helps me press pause for just a moment and take a little time out.

Time out is so important and I hope our organic and delicious Mummy Tea range allows you to take some time for you.

Because hey, you deserve it.